• Pure Flow™ 1000 Emergency Eyewash Station

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    Pure Flow™ 1000 Emergency Eyewash Station

    Item # 4115 Pure Flow™ 1000 Station

    Item # 74301, Cartridges, Set of 2

    The Pure Flow™ 1000 holds two Eyesaline® cartridges, each containing 3.8 gallons of Eyesaline® solution. Upon activation, the two cartridges are dispensed at a constant flow rate for a full 15-minute flush. The low-maintenance design of the Pure Flow™ 1000 provides efficiency and quick response in an emergency. Regular flushing or changing of solution is not necessary. Station features a two-year service life. When the unit needs servicing, it takes less than five minutes to change the solution delivery module. A “Service Immediately” warning appears when the cartridges have been emptied. Meets ANSI Z358.1-1990 standard.

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